3 Day Novel Contest 2012
Friday, August 24, 2012 at 06:01PM
Jamie Crothall

We're just about there - the 2012 3 Day Novel Contest.


This will be my 7th attempt/entry.

My outline is almost complete, and my story has only a tentative title right now - 'Whimsy'.

It'll change.

This year has been different for me.  Normally I give myself a 3 Day Novel break between January, when the results come in and my hopes are dashed, and roughly March when I start to think about what I want to do for the next upcoming contest.  I normally spend a good six months plotting and planning my story into exact methodical plan....which still ends up altering completely once I start writing on the weekend.

This year, however, I spent my March building this site and prepping past 3 Day Novel entries as ebooks to be posted and self-published.  It wasn't until about June that I realized I needed to give it some thought.  I had a few old ideas rattling around, but most of those were beginnings without ends or ends without beginnings, or middles with neither a head nor a tail.  Try as I may, the creative juices were not conjuring any missing peices, and I even toyed with Frankenstein'ing two of these vague ideas together.

Nevertheless, it just wasn't working.  I was about to give up, however I had already paid my entry fee in an attempt to stop myself from bailing out.  Besides...I can't imagine NOT doing it!  So I persevered.

And I have my idea.  It has a beginning and an end.  And a middle!  And while it may not be as deep, profound, or momentous as my other entries were (intended to be), it nonetheless promises to be fun to write, and hopefully an enjoyable read.

Fingers crossed!

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