Daedalian Muse on Indies Unlimited's 'Sneak Peek'

 My ebook 'Daedalian Muse' is currently featured on 'Indies Unlimited' in their "Sneak Peek" section. 

Check it out, make a comment, and browse around the rest of the site while you're there.

There's a lot of great independent talent kickin' around there, and I'm doing my best to throw my lot in with them.

Click here to visit the site!


My eBook Trailer for 'Daedalian Muse'

Well it took a bit of work, but I've completed my first ebook trailer for 'Daedalian Muse'.

Check it out!  'Like' it and comment on it!  Or dislike it and comment on it.  Just be constructive in your criticism.  That's all an aspiring writer can ask for.  ;p


Writer's Weekly - Spring Contest Status: "uh oh"


Finished at 10:30pm on Saturday night.  I'll let you know in 6 weeks if it was anything worth mentioning.  ;)


About a month ago I signed up for the Writer's Weekly Spring Contest.

A five dollar entry fee, and on the pre-determined weekend they will send you a theme and target word count, and 24-hours to meet both criteria.

Well I received my criteria today at noon....and at 8:26pm I've yet to write a word.

I'm not worried.  I don't think so, anyway.

The target word count is not concerning - it comes to about 2.5 to 3.0 pages, which I can write in under an hour.  That is if I knew what I was writing.  I know the theme I have to adhere to, but how to do it in a unique way in which no other writers will......that's the trouble.

I've already shushed a few people who've tried to give me ideas.  It has to be MY idea!  (but thanks for the good intentions)

I'll let you know what I've come up with when I'm done.

If I come up with anything...


Contest Link -> http://www.writersweekly.com/misc/contest.php

Too late to enter this one, but they have a Summer Contest just around the corner.


eBook Reviews and Reviewers

In the traditional publishing industry, advanced reviews can make or break a book before it is even released.  Publishers and publicists pander to reviewers, from the New York Times to the small time rags, offering free copies in exchange for a review - with fingers crossed that it is positive enough to grace the dust-jacket (you know, that place where they spam you with reviews instead of actually telling you what the book is about).

It's very similar in the ebook trade, only on a much smaller scale.  We forgo big business and the media industry and instead rely on those with a passion for reading.  There is a wealth of bloggers out there who devour books and review them, many of whom specialize in independent self-published books and ebooks.  It's a 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' cycle - they are provided with free material and in exchange they will add it to their review pile, ultimately giving an honest review.

Emphasis on 'honest'.  

Many of these blogs clearly state in their submission policies that they will NOT accept monetary compensation in exchange for positive reviews, which to me relays that they have been approached with such proposals in the past.  I wonder if big business ever indulges in this practice....

It's a relationship built on honesty and dedication, and NOT on financial gain, which is quite impressive.  Still not an easy task, mind you - there are so many bloggers to reach out to and even when you follow the rules you can't help but feel like you're spamming your book away.  There's a fine line between submitting a book and flogging it - there's no reward in persistent emails, asking if they've read your book yet.

After about three hours of submitting to various blogs - which was only a drop in the bucket - I have had the following email responses;

  • 5 automated replies confirming receipt of my request
  • 4 automated replies stating that they are overwhelmed and cannot accept any more requests
  • 1 real person reply stating that my book was received, accompanied by a link to www.indiesunlimited.com - a site for independent authors (a nice thoughtful touch!).

I found this list particularly helpful in determining who to contact and which bloggers prefer which genre.  Check it out - I hope it helps!


In the meantime, keep at it bloggers!  We need more like you!  Your positive reviews give our books validation - a simple but valuable thing in the self-publishing trade!  As long as you keep helping us get recognized, we will keep providing you with free copies to review!  And I call on all authors to hope for positive reviews but take to your beatings (aka - unfavourable reviews) with dignity and minimal tears!  


File-Sharing Has Spoiled Me...


This post isn't really book-related (or ebook related, or writing related), but it is about something I've noticed lately.

How many times have you surfed the internet, saw a picture you thought was snazzy, and did the whole right-click-and-save thing?  Right now on my personal Facebook page I have a cartoon-ized image of the Firefly crew as my 'cover' image that I found and saved on a website I now completely fail to recall.

Fonts too, to a degree.  Ever been working on an image or a paper and wanted something a little snazzier than normal?  You go to a free font site and download to your heart's content.  It's all so easy!

But what about when you want to use these items for legitimate purposes?

Creating a cover to an ebook legitimately can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 if you properly pay for the usage rights, as required by law.  We are so accustomed to simply clicking and saving anything we like that when it comes time to follow the rules and be fair to the original artist/creator, it adds up.

I'm still trying to decide if this says something about our current internet-driven society or not.  We have become too accustomed to free content, I suppose.  If it's meant to be free then more power to you, but there is so much that we have decided to be free without ever considering the creator's rights or ability to be properly compensated for their time and effort.

Having said that, changing your computer 'wallpaper' would be a costly and very occasional endeavor should we have to pay royalties for each use.

We live in transitory times, boys and girls.  Hopefully our kids will have a fair set of rules worked out for us.  In the meantime, download your free swag while you can!