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Fear Obscurity, Not Exposure

Though geared towards the independent musician (it was found posted on Alan Cross' website/blog), this podcast between Ariel Hyatt and Seth Godin proved to be a majore eye-opener for this aspiring author.  Several great points were made here, which have already greatly changed the way I view my own current adventures in online publishing;

  • Be more afraid obscurity than exposure.  When intimidated by what may come in terms of your time and emotional investment, think instead about how much worse it would be if you never even bothered.  
  • Don't hate the haters, just ignore them.  Don't worry about bad reviews.  Some people offer constructive feedback.  Some people can be swayed.  Some people, however, just wanna hate.  Ignore them and move on.  Don't empower them by letting them get to you.
  • The best quote of the podcast - "The man who invented the ship also invented the shipwreck."  Let's be honest, we're going to fail, and we have to be prepared to fail in order to succeed.
  • Do not measure your success by 'old world' standards.  The traditional music and publishing industry is dying, and desperately trying to hold on to its former glory.  Don't measure your success against what they defined success as.  I always down-played self-publishing as the runner-up prize, but how can you call a medium that makes everything accessible to everyone as a runner-up prize?

 Check it out!

Direct link to Alan Cross blog/site.

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Anyone familiar with Alan Cross knows that he has a great depth of appreciation and knowledge of the music world, and you can learn a lot about the music world by listening to him speak, or any other speakers he endorses.

Since my friend knew I was an aspiring author, I wondered why he made a point of forwarding me a link to a music-specific site.  Well that's the amazing thing nowadays - marketting in a web-based world employs the same tips, tactics, but most importantly attitudes regardless of whether you are a musician, an author, or an artist.


Work In Progress

There's a lot of work to do, and writing the actual book is only a small part of it!
The internet may offer a voice to everyone, but you have to do all the leg-work yourself. That keeps it affordable, but you don't realize how much work is involved until you get started.
Squarespace makes this web and blog building aspeact easier (NOT a paid advertisement), but it's still a long process.
Setting up social media sites is not as fun as you'd think.
Interpreting legal to make sure you are adhereing to all legal use of images and fonts is arduous (its different when you're not just posting it on your own personal for-fun website).
Making sure you follow all publisher guideliness for the ePub conversion.
It's a good thing the book is already written, cos by this point I'm getting tired of it all!
Yet I'm still excited and can't wait to put all these puzzle peices together!
Hope you'll all stick around to see the final product!