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Work In Progress

There's a lot of work to do, and writing the actual book is only a small part of it!
The internet may offer a voice to everyone, but you have to do all the leg-work yourself. That keeps it affordable, but you don't realize how much work is involved until you get started.
Squarespace makes this web and blog building aspeact easier (NOT a paid advertisement), but it's still a long process.
Setting up social media sites is not as fun as you'd think.
Interpreting legal to make sure you are adhereing to all legal use of images and fonts is arduous (its different when you're not just posting it on your own personal for-fun website).
Making sure you follow all publisher guideliness for the ePub conversion.
It's a good thing the book is already written, cos by this point I'm getting tired of it all!
Yet I'm still excited and can't wait to put all these puzzle peices together!
Hope you'll all stick around to see the final product!