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Having served Her Majesty faithfully his entire life and climbing through rank and honour, Tyler Watts finds himself locked away in the depths of Coldbath Fields prison in London for the mere utterance of ideals that do not fit in with the idelogy of the British Empire. Given a false charge of conspiring with Fenian revolutionaries, his image of guilt is only further weakened when he finds opportunity to escape during aFenian jailbreak plot.

Wasting no time he, flees the city with the intent of reaching Plymouth, from where he would cross the Atlantic to a new life either in the United States of America or in the newly-formed Dominion of Canada. Fearing he is being pursued by the police, the military, and a former fellow-soldier with a grudge, Tyler happens upon an opportunity to lay low in the remote English village of Greyfield.

He stays as a lodger in a quaint house run by a most curious hostess - a widow by the name of Miranda Sterne. Struck by her wit and beauty he finds himself spying upon her to fill his otherwise uneventful days, until he receives an unexpected proposal - she bids him to watch over her while she sleeps for she fears she is being haunted by her late husband's mistress.

Crevice was my 2007 3-Day Novel Contest entry!
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