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Daedalian Muse is the story of Tempus Fugit, in his own words, as he navigates his way through the complex web of divides between the known and the unknown, the normal and the paranormal, in his efforts to decipher his most difficult conundrum yet - the ruins of an old estate.

Left in tatters a half century after the fire that ravaged it, the site has become a local curiosity and the source of many tales, both endearing and frightful. Picked over by treasure hunters and exhausted by ghost hunters, after years of close scrutiny the ruins were finally left in peace, protected by the residents of Greyfield.

However muffled tales are told of a new rash of happenings, some almost violent in nature, which alerts the mayor into seeking assistance before these local events are blown out of proportion.

The people of Greyfield are intrigued with the notions of spirits and spectres. Tempus wants only to investigate the events to their core and determine the scientific basis for the unexplained.

In the end the answer may be neither of the two, and something altogether unexpected!

Daedalian Muse was my 2006 3-Day Novel Contest entry - and my first!
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Music Footnote

As with most of what I write, Daedalian Muse was influenced by music.  The following are YouTube links to some of those songs.  

Fuge 2 / Song of Daedalus by Joe Jackson, from his album 'Heaven and Hell', a unique musical interpretation of the seven deadly sins.

Time: The Beginning and Time: The End by Megadeth, from the album 'Risk'.

Please note I stake no claims to the following - I am merely linking to a public-access video site.