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 Before mortal man a perfect race dwelled upon infertile soil.  They were peace-keepers and warriors, builders and destroyers, healers and torturers.  They built great nations, and readily killed upon command.

They were angels.

 The hierarchy of Heaven was held under the leadership of the Holy Trinity, comprised of God, His Son, and the Holy Emissary - Lucifer.  It was Lucifer’s duty, as the only direct link between God and His people, to spread His Word.

However, with the creation of Man Lucifer foresaw the replacement of his kind as God’s most beloved people.  Having already felt shunned for the enigmatic Michael, Lucifer found this injustice difficult to bare.  Rallying to a peaceful cause, further injustices meant to deter him only fed his anger, until Lucifer had amassed not a following, but an army.

To learn of deceit among the Almighty and infidelity among angels is the gift of wisdom better left unknown.

Lucifer already knew more than he wished.