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Dr. Jacobs is new at her job, and to make it worse...he knows it.


'He' being the new admission to the psyche ward.  Unlike the other patients who wear their mental state outwardly like clothing, he keeps a cool and calm composure. His confidence unsettles her, yet he lends a fatherly tone as though to waylay her hesitations.


He identifies himself only as 'Eight', and he has a simple story - he has lived his life many times, carrying his past knowledge with him each time.


Set to convince him of his fallacy through inquisitive conversation, Dr. Jacobs instead finds his tales of struggle against causality and morality strangely compelling.  In the end will she persevere and convince him of his mortality?  Or will her regrets compel her to forgo her profession and instead conspire to re-write her own life? 

Daedalian Muse was my 2009 3-Day Novel Contest entry - and my first!
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