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aNESthetized (Doug McCoy)

Snazzy Retro Cover, Too!aNESthetized

by Doug McCoy

Approx. 24,8730 words

Independent eBook - Free for Download from Smashwords!

I'm not sure how or where I stumbled onto this book, but I had bookmarked it for later because it was only available on Amazon for about $1.99 or thereabouts.  Once I cleared enough space on my Visa (yes, it is that difficult when you have kids) I downloaded it with the intention of converting it from MOBI to EPUB for my Kobo.  Well the book got assimilated into my netbook's Kindle reader program and I couldn't find the source file!  Fast forward a month or two and it's now available for free on Smashwords.  Oh well, I don't begrudge an independent author the sale, as small as the cost may have been.

So to the review!

This book had quite a few positive reviews, which made me eager to check it out.  After the (sorta) long wait I was a bit disapopinted.  The book is touted as "A memoir of the Nintendo Entertainment System and what it meant to one child of the '80s", but instead it came off as just a blow-by-blow description of the launch titles for the system.  And if you were there in that era, you already know how the Legend of Zelda plays.  Ultimately I found myself reading things I already knew.

The book started with a recollection of a conversation the author had in the sixth grade, where he said he was thinking about asking for an NES for Christmas.  He then described unboxing the system and all its components.  This could have been interesting if it was relayed with some characterization from a sixth-grader's point of view, including the paradigm-shift to that child's perception of video games, but instead it seemed like a generic un-emotional run-down of the system in needless detail.  And I'm not talking about specifications and performance, but the minute detail of the buttons and shape.

I'm not putting the book down...even though it was very easy to literally put down.  If you're a young'un and wasn't 'there' in that era then this may interest you.  If you were 'there' then it may serve as a reminder of what you once experienced.  However if you're like me and you are still 'there' and still have an NES, a SNES, and an N64 (and I don't even consider myself a Nintendo fan!) then this book is just a long list of details that you already knew and you could have served as a SME (subject matter expert) for in its research and development.

So I'm not saying it wasn't a good book.  I'm just saying it didn't do anything for me.  Sound fair?  ;p

Score - 5 out of 10

See the author's Smashwords profile for other books.  There's a similar memoir on the age of well as a couple of religious books.


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