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The year is 1967. It is the height of the British Invasion, yet in England the Marine Offences Act has shut down some of the most popular offshore pirate radio stations. In America the 'Summer of Love' has just come to a close. It is a time of positive upheaval and social change.

Except for Ronald Tellman. He's heading home, and he's not happy about it. Guilted into leaving his new life in London to return to the village of his childhood, he arrives home to attend the funeral of the mother he has grown to resent - one of the reasons he left seven years ago.

One of the reasons.

While catching up with old friends and re-living some of the few good memories he has, another hand from the past is reaching out to him. While in the family home a voice that only he can hear calls out to him. It beckons him. For years all it wanted was to be heard, and for years it was all he could do to block it out.

Perhaps the time has come to finally listen. 

Crevice was my 2008 3-Day Novel Contest entry!
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