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eBook Cover Creation - Part 3 - Selecting a Cover Font


For the purposes of this tutorial, I am going to re-create my cover for 'Prospero'.

We're spoiled by the internet, fooled into thinking everything is free for the taking. It isn't. If we stand to make so much as a penny off of our books then we are now classed as commercial users. Commercial users pay.

There are thousands of 'free font' sites out there, but that word 'free' does not apply to us anymore. If you look at the fine print for any of those sites, they specify that they are free for PERSONAL use. Any commercial use requires payment.

Some fonts will have fair payment terms, or even alternatives in mind. For my book 'Crevice', I was allowed to use the font 'Aquiline' provided I made a donation to a charitable organization, such as Doctors Without Borders, which I did. They never asked for proof, but I did make a note of this in the end-notes of my ebook, where I also acknowledged the font's creator.


For my ebook 'Tinker', my attempt to contact the creator of the font 'AHDN' led me to her widowed husband, who granted me use provided I mentioned her name. She had a dedication in my ebook on the second page.


For 'Prospero', I found a font that fit the theme of the book that was, fortunately, free for personal AND commercial use. It is called 'NeoRetroDraw', and was found via GeekBlogger in an article entitled 'Free Fonts With Commercial-Use Licenses'.


Again, this was acknowledged in the end-notes of the book to give credit where credit is due.

Before using a font, please ensure you are honouring the creator's wishes and rights and follow their requirements for usage.

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